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Skamania County COVID-19 cases as of 6/30/2020:
Confirmed cases: 6
Deaths: 0



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Diversion is a process where first time misdemeanor offenders are offered an alternative to the formal court process. Diversion is designed to hold youth accountable for their criminal behavior with consequences which are fair, proportional, and consistent. The Diversion process provides restitution to victims and encourages community involvement through Community Accountability Boards.

Community Accountability Board (CAB)

The Community Accountability Board is made up of volunteers from the local community. The youth meets with the Board to discuss their offense. The goal of this process is to help the youth realize the connection between their behavior and its effects on others in the community. After the youth and the Board have discussed the offense, a Diversion Contract is created and signed by both the youth and a parent. The Board may impose 0-150 hours of community service, 0-$100 fine, restitution to victim(s), up to twenty (20) hours of Information or Educational classes and ten (10) hours of counseling. The youth may be required to attend review meetings to report their progress. The Board meets on the third Monday of each month, unless it is a legal holiday. The meetings are not public. Only those directly involved with the case may attend (i.e. parent/guardian and youth).