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Boundary Review Board

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landscapeUnder Chapter 36.93 RCW, the Boundary Review Board provides independent, quasi-judicial review of proposals for creation of or changes to boundaries by cities and by special purpose districts (e.g., fire districts, and water/sewer districts) within Skamania County. Thus, the Board offers a unique (and often sole) opportunity for citizens to participate in review of creation of or changes to boundaries of cities and special purpose districts before a neutral hearing body.


The Boundary Review Board for Skamania County was created by 1967 legislation, for the purpose of guiding and controlling the creation and growth of cities in metropolitan areas. The legislation mandated Boundary Review Boards in the four rural counties of Washington State, including Skamania County. The legislation also provided an option for creation of Boundary Review Boards in the State's other counties. There are now Boundary Review Boards in 19 counties in Washington State.


The Boundary Review Board for Skamania County has five members. Two members are appointed by the Governor, one is appointed by Skamania County Board of Commissioners, one is appointed by the mayors in Skamania County, and two are appointed from nominations submitted by special purpose districts (fire, water, and sewer districts). Boundary Review Board members may not be associated with other Skamania County jurisdictions at the time they are serving on the Board, but there are frequently former mayors and government officials serving on the Board.