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Recreational Vehicle Occupancy

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Rules on RV occupancy in Skamania County

RV Occupancy in Skamania County is regulated by various sections of the County Code:
Within the National Scenic Area: SCC 22.04.010 - Definitions and SCC 22.12.110 - Temporary use hardship dwelling. The following information applies to RVs outside of the NSA only.
  • On private property, RV occupancy in Skamania County is limited to the following circumstances:
  • RVs may be occupied for up to fourteen consecutive days and up to 120 days during a calendar year on any parcel. This requires no approvals.
    A temporary hardship dwelling where an occupant of the RV will receive continuous care or assistance from someone who resides in an existing dwelling unit located on the parcel or the occupant of the RV will administer care to someone else residing on the parcel. This requires approval of a one-year permit with annual renewals.
  • The owner or owners of a parcel are in the process of building or placing a dwelling intended for the owner’s occupancy on the parcel. This requires approval of a one-year permit with annual renewals.
  • RV occupancy is not allowed on public property or within public right-of-ways.

"Tiny Homes"

All “tiny homes” in Washington must meet either the State Building Code requirements (RCW 19.27.031), Park Model RV requirements, the RV requirements (RCW 43.22.340) or the HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard (CFR 3280) depending on how it will be used and constructed. Tiny homes that do not meet this standard are not suitable for any type of occupancy.

Most tiny homes on wheels are considered RVs and therefore subject to the same requirements and restrictions applicable to RV occupancy. This means they cannot be occupied permanently. However, the building code does allow for very small site-built or modular homes (Building Code requires at least one habitable room of 70 sq. ft. and the County does not have any minimum dwelling size requirements). While not typically considered "tiny homes", such structures can be permanently occupied.

More Information

For questions about RV occupancy in Skamania County, please contact Alan Peters, Assistant Planning Director, at 509-427-3900 or at