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Home Valley Subarea Plan

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The Community Development Department is working with an Advisory Committee of Home Valley residents to develop a Comprehensive Subarea Plan for the Home Valley Urban Area. This page will be updated as the project progresses. A community open house is scheduled for February 2020.

Why a Plan for Home Valley?

Home Valley is one of thirteen “Urban Areas” that are exempt from Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (NSA) regulations and where significant commercial, residential, and industrial development is encouraged by the NSA’s Management Plan.

The Home Valley area was included in the County’s July 1977 Comprehensive Plan and was first zoned in July 1986, before the boundaries of the 0.86 square mile Urban Area were officially determined by Congress on November 17, 1986. While other areas of the county have adopted subarea plans, no area specific planning effort has ever occurred in Home Valley, despite its unique status.

What is a Subarea Plan?

Comprehensive plans are long-range planning documents that typically keep to a “big picture” view regarding county-wide goals for issues like land use, transportation, and infrastructure. Skamania County updated its county-wide comprehensive plan in 2007.

Subarea plans are targeted for smaller geographic areas and can supplement the “big picture” plan by addressing issues or concerns of particular importance to the smaller area. Subarea plans are much more detailed. For example, almost all of Home Valley is located within the Comprehensive Plan’s Rural I designation. This designation allows varied land uses, including residential, recreational, commercial, and industrial uses. However, the Comprehensive Plan does not provide guidance on where specifically these uses should be allowed. The Home Valley Subarea Plan will be a detailed plan for Home Valley’s unique attributes, issues, opportunities, and challenges, as determined by the people who live there.

What will the Subarea Plan include?

The Advisory Committee will help determine the contents of the plan, but the plan will generally follow this outline:

  • Overview and history of the planning area
  • Vision and general goals
  • Plan elements/focus topics (Land use – including a future land use map – will be the primary element, but other topics may be included as determined by the advisory committee)
    • Vision statement
    • Existing conditions
    • Goals and policies
    • Implementation