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How do I find an attorney?

You can search the telephone directory, and the online directory from the Washington State    Bar Association. No recommendations can be made. Washington State Bar Association Website

How do I get an attorney if I cannot afford one in a civil case?

If you would like legal representation, but you are not able to afford one, please contact C.L.E.A.R. (Northwest Justice Project - Coordinated Legal Education and Referral System) at 888-201-1014 or, if you are over 65 years of age, you may call 888-387-7111. C.L.E.A.R.

How do I schedule a language interpreter or request an accommodation?

If you are represented please contact your attorney, if you are not represented please contact the Superior Court Administrator to make a request.

Can I talk to the judge directly if I am involved in a case?

You may not speak with the Judge directly. All communication must be by filed declarations or in open court where all parties will be present. You may wish to contact the Judicial Assistant or Court Administrator for procedural information.

How do I file documents into a Superior Court file?

Your original document that complies with GR 14 rules and has your case number on it may be filed at the County Clerk's Office. You may wish to bring a photocopy to conform for your records.

Where do I go to review a court file or to get copies of a court file?

To review a Superior Court file; please go to the County Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse. For Municipal or District Court files, contact the appropriate court.

For copies of court files, inquire with the clerk, as a fee will apply.

Where do I go to post bond/bail?

Depending on which court the case is in you will need to either contact District Court, 3rd Floor, Skamania County Courthouse, or Superior Court Clerk, 3rd Floor, Skamania County Courthouse.

While on jury duty, when will I call the recording?

See the Skamania County Clerk’s Jury Page for all Jury information.

Where do I go to file an appeal from district or municipal court?

To file an appeal from a court of limited jurisdiction you will need to go to that court for the necessary forms and instructions for appealing to the Superior Court.

Where do I file a small claims ($5,000 and under) action?

Lawsuits with disputed dollar amounts under $5,000 may be filed with District Court under a Small Claims action. Click here for the District Court webpage.

Where can I get a name changed?

Name changes for adults are done through District Court.

Where do I get a Domestic Violence (DV) protection order?
Protection orders where domestic relationship is involved or there are children in common, should begin in the Superior Court County Clerk’s Office.

How do I lift a no-contact order?

To ask the court to lift a no contact order that originated in a felony criminal file, a Superior Court  Criminal Motion Form is required. 

To ask the court to lift a non-criminal no contact order you will need to file a Superior Court Civil
 Motion Form and Note for Civil Motion Docket  Form.   

Where do I go to obtain court forms?

Family Law Court Forms are available online at Washington State Courts Forms or packets can be purchased for $20 per pkt at the Clerks window (see the list of pkts available on the Superior Court homepage).


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Superior Court is a court of record. Most Superior Court proceedings are electronically recorded. To purchase a copy of the record, complete the request form  here  and send it with payment to the Superior Court Administrator. When requesting a copy, you will need to provide the hearing date, the names of the parties and the case number.

The following transcriptionists have been approved by the Court to prepare verbatim reports of proceedings (appellate transcripts) pursuant to GR35 and RAP 9.2.

Evelyn M. Pierce
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(Video recordings on CD as well as cassette tapes of all sizes may be sent to Evelyn Pierce for transcription. Ms. Pierce does not transcribe from Videotape.)

Tammy Wooldridge
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