• Small home repairs, yard maintenance, and other helpful tasks at the senior's home.
  • Volunteer drivers
  • Congregate Mealsite Tasks

Assistance at Senior's Homes:  Some seniors in Skamania County need assistance with small home repairs, yard maintenance, and other tasks to help them maintain their independence and remain in their homes.  If you have the time or a skill to volunteer,  please consider being a volunteer. 

Volunteer Drivers: Seniors, persons with disabilities, and others in the community often need rides to medical and financial appointments.  Senior Services must  complete a background check on the volunteer every year.  Additionally, volunteer drivers must also have proof of insurance, a good driving record, child safety training, passenger safety and assistance training, first aid/CPR training,and a Senior Services inspection of their vehicles.  

 Congregate Mealsite: Senior Services welcomes volunteers to assist with cooking, setup and cleanup at the Congregate Mealsite luncheons on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Volunteers who work in the kitchen preparing food or cleaning up must have a State of Washington Food Handler's Card.  

 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SENIORS IN SKAMANIA COUNTY Many organizations in Skamania County need volunteer.  If you are a senior and have an interest in volunteering, Contact the I & A Specialist at 509-427-3990.  

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