A demand response service for transportation to medical and social service appointments, financial and essential shopping services and the senior congregate meal program.  The program is available to both seniors and the general public. Click here for more information

***Transit fares are CASH ONLY please. Credit cards are not accepted and           drivers do not make change. Thank you!

***Flag Stops available - A flag stop is when a rider boards the bus at a location that is not an established bus stop with a posted bus stop sign.  If you are unable to make it to a regular bus stop, flagging the bus down is an option in certain areas. As the bus approaches, raise and lower your arm over your head several times to catch the driver’s attention.  Be sure to stay back from the edge of the road to allow the bus enough room to pull off.  During dark or foggy weather we suggest you have a flashlight that you can wave for the driver to see you. Call for details or question 509-427-3990


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  • 2018 Weekend Shuttle July 7 - September 2

The seasonal weekend transit will begin July 7th and run through September 2nd. Stops will include Steigerwald Lake, Cape Horn Trail, Beacon Rock, Pacific Crest Trailhead and Dog Mountain Trailhead. This service is paid for by a grant from Washington State Department of Transportation and Skamania County. See the full schedule and stops in the link below. 

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OTHER TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS  Gorge TransLink is an alliance of rural providers offering public transportation services throughout the Mid-Columbia River Gorge area. Transportation services are available to everyone - regardless of age or income. Use the Gorge TransLink website to find transportation options that best meet your needs. For more information about other transportation options in the Columbia River Gorge, Visit the Gorge Translink Website.

TRANSPORTATION POLICIES  Click here for transportation policies.

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Office Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 Monday - Friday

Office Location: Rock Creek Hegewald Center 710 SW Rock Creek Dr Stevenson, WA  98648

Mailing Address: PO Box # 369 Stevenson, WA 98648

Phone: (509) 427-3990