Permitting Roadwork in Skamania County

Skamania County will provide permit authority to work in or alongside a county road.   There are several types of road permits depending on the type of work or request.  Our staff has incorporated all permit types into one application.  These can be filled out online and sent back by email, or fill them out at home and print them to bring with you to the office.  This service can allow the applicant just one visit to the office which will require the signature of the applicant for the final permit.

The types of permits are as follows:
Utility Permits - Allows utilities to be placed in the right of way.  These are generally issued to franchised utility companies but can be issued to private property owners.  Utility Standards will show the work method that will be required and is dependent on your type of work.
Special Right of Way Use - Allows the use of the County Right of Way for personnel use but will apply conditions to the requested use.  There are many variables, so please contact a staff member with your questions.
Driveway Approach - Allows a property owner the authority to access a county road.  County staff makes sure the sight distances allows for safe ingress and egress, determines if culverts will be required and assigns an address to the property.
Agricultural / Logging Access - Generally issued for short term operations associated with timber harvest.  Generally requires removal of the access once the work is complete.
Commercial  Access - Allows for a commercial activity to gain access to a county road.  Required conditions will be dependent on the location of the access and the type of use associated with the approach.
Change of Use - There will generally be an old approach that has not been used regularly and the property owner is improving or changing its use.  The actual permit type will be determined by Public Works staff when the site is being reviewed.
Request for Fill Materials - This permit allows the landowner to request materials from the County that are considered excess to our operations.  The materials may contain dirt, rock, glass, vegetation or other solid material that was removed from within the right of way.