Winter Maintenance

Whether you're a long time resident or someone thinking about moving to Skamania County, we have to be ready for a Columbia Gorge winter.  The following information will provide you with the information on how your road will be maintained during our winter storms.
To allow our plow operator's and the resident's of the County to know what the service level is on any given road, we have placed numbers on the back of stop signs throughout the County, this number shows the maintenance level of the road in which the stop sign is for.  Click on the links to the right to view the maintenance level standards and the road priority lists.
These priority standards will not normally affect Emergency Services in responding to your home when fire or medical units are required.  We ask that you notify the dispatcher at the Sheriff’s Office that your road is not plowed and to get an ambulance or fire truck to you will require a plow.  Dispatch will call road crews by radio to get them moving towards the call. 
Resident’s who live on private roads or have long driveways should have snow removal services prearranged so your access to the county road is attainable as public funds cannot be expended for private plowing. The Public Works Office maintains a list of names who can provide these services. For your convenience, click here to find someone in your area.
You may also call 509-427-3910 if you have questions that the guidelines do not fully answer and set up an appointment to talk to one of our staff.
Good Luck and Be Safe!!