Human activity is the primary cause of the spread of weeds. 

Motorized travel:  Driving, boating, or ORV use spread weeds seeds that get caught in tread or mud.  Weeds become entangled in boat motors and transported between water bodies.

Recreation:  When hiking or fishing, weeds seeds and parts can attach to boots and gear or get caught in pet fur.  Horses transport weed seeds in their bowels that get spread along trails.

Disturbance:  Construction, wildfire, and natural events such as landslides and floods can move weeds.

Once you realize how weeds spread, you can take action to prevent being a vector.  Remember the tag line, "Play, Clean, Go!"




Make sure your vehicles, boats, boots and gear are clean before you travel to your next destination.  Utilize boot brushes at trailheads to prevent the spread of weeds between trail systems, or carry your own boot brush.  There are many inexpensive brushes available.  Check your pets for seeds and dispose of them properly before leaving the area.CG-CWMA Boot Brushes_2017

Certified weed free forage is required on all forest lands.  Horses should be fed weed free forage for at least 3 days before traveling to forest lands.  Certified weed free products are available at many locations

Appropriate weed and seed disposal is important in order to ensure weeds that have been removed do not show up at their disposal site or along the route they have been transported. Please make sure any obvious seeds you remove from clothing, gear, or pets make it to the garbage. 

Always make sure that weeds that pop up around burn piles or in compost are controlled before they go to seed, and never throw yard debris into a natural area. 


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