Skamania County Noxious Weed Control Program Projects


The Noxious Weed Program works on projects as diverse as the landscape of  Skamania County.  Projects are driven by funds available through competitive grant pursuits, purposely sought by noxious weed staff.

With the funds won by successful grant propositions, staff is able to continue the mission of educating the public about prevention, best management practices, and noxious weed laws.  In addition, the SCNWCP continues to protect land within the county from impact and spread of noxious weeds. 


2018 Projects

kids planting_1

Volunteers help install over 1,000 native plants at the Hegewald Center Demonstration Garden!

crew 2018

SCNWCP crew controlling thistles at Skookum Meadow as part of a grant from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


2015 Projects 

Compressed_crew at nursery 20150713_1

                        SCNWCP crew controlling thistles on an important elk range


2014 Projects

Compressed_Charlie at Condit_Jun 2014SCNWCP crew member Charlie Bevans works at the former Condit Dam site on the White Salmon River, 2014


Coldwater Lake Milfoil Eradication Project

Compressed_Ibsen_handpulling milfoil

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