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WSU Hortsense-Weeds: Home gardener fact sheets for managing noxious weed problems with Integrated Pest Management.

WSU Extension Integrated Weed Control Project: IWCP promotes the use of integrated weed management methods, including biological control, throughout Washington State. The main focus of this project however is biological control and it is an excellent source of information.

Skamania County Vegetation Control Division: The Vegetation Control Division performs vegetation control on the county road right-of-ways to control unwanted vegetation and noxious weeds. Questions or concerns regarding Skamania County's vegetation control can be directed to and answered here.

The Underwood Conservation District: UCD has many great programs, including a cost-share program available to landowners that can be used for noxious weed control..

The Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board: This site has excellent resources for understanding weed laws, finding information on specific weeds as well as many other useful items.

USFS Pacific Northwest Region Non-Native Invasive Plants: This site gives great information about Forest Service policy, as well as new information on projects.

Center for Invasive Species Management: This site gives a lot of useful information about invasives including planning, prevention and restoration.

National Pesticide Information Center: NPIC is a cooperative agreement between Oregon State University and the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is an excellent source for labels, MSDS sheets, regulations and safety information.

PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks  PlayCleanGo offers great resources for invasive species awareness and prevention.  Check them out and remember on your next hike to, Play Clean Go!


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