Skamania County Fairgrounds

Skamania County is home to the most beautiful fairgrounds in the Gorge.  Situated in Stevenson it offers an outstanding view of the Columbia River and surrounding moutains, as well as many facilities that can accomodate a variety of shows and events. Recent updates to the the Exhibit Hall make this building a perfect place for weddings, expositions, small concerts, dances and more.  Roll up bay doors with glass plates allow for a gorgeouse backdrop, while the interior of the facility offers enough room to accomodate 350 people seated for dinner or a show, a commercially approved kitchen and radient heat. In addition to the Exhibit Hall, the Fairgrounds also has two large barns and a smaller barn suitable for many different types of animal and agriculture shows.  From goats, cattle and swine to chickens, rabbits and horses we have enough space to host mid to large size animal events.  A smaller covered arena and large outdoor arena with covered grandstand seating offer even more event options.