Volunteer Opportunities

Tens of thousands of youth and adults participate in WSU Extension educational programs every year. Some of these individuals receive extensive training in a natural or human sciences area and, in turn for the training, volunteer in educational outreach on behalf of WSU and Skamania County. The remainder are direct recipients of programs. You have probably heard about some of our programs including agriculture, Master Gardeners, and 4-H Youth. We also have program areas in community development, forestry, horticulture, and food safety. If you would like learn more about a particular program offered in Skamania County, simply click on this link to visit our website. http://extension.wsu.edu/skamania/

All 4-H Volunteers undergo WSU screening and training before working with youth.  Volunteers can support the program through short periods of service or dedicated leadership to one project or club.  Skamania County's 4-H Program is thriving thanks to the dedication of over 100 adult volunteers.  Do you want to help shape and support the generation of tomorrow?  Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator at 509-427-3932 to learn about opportunities to give back.  Interested in starting a 4-H Club? Visit our website to learn more: http://extension.wsu.edu/skamania/


Large Crest Extension

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