Minor traffic or motor vehicle offenses are decriminalized into a system of civil infractions. A person has four options when he/she receives an infraction: (1) Admit, by mailing in the amount on the ticket; or (2) contest the ticket by requesting a court hearing; or (3) admit the violation, but request that the penalty be reduced in a mitigation hearing; or (4) pay a non-refundable administrative fee and request Deferred Findings. To qualify for the Deferred Findings program, you must pay a non-refundable administrative fee and not commit another infraction for 12 months. Certain violations cannot be deferred, and anyone with a CDL is not eligible. The court holds your infraction for one year. If you pay court costs as promised and do not commit another infraction for 12 months, the infraction will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record. Failure to pay and/or receiving any additional infractions during the next 12 months will cause this ticket to be reported to the Washington Department of Licensing. You can only defer one moving and one non-moving infraction once during a seven year period. Forms are available at the court. _____________________________________________________________

Skamania County District Court Administrator: Donna Wood
Elected Official: Ron Reynier, Presiding Judge
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