The information below will be helpful to those who have received a Discover Pass parking ticket issued by Washington State Parks.

What is a Discover Pass?

Discover Pass parking tickets are issued by Washington State Parks. All questions regarding passes are addressed at their website: . An annual “Discover Pass “ has “Discover Pass” written on the front of the pass.  A valid “Day Pass” is also available at each park. 

Processing of Tickets

The Skamania County District Court processes parking tickets, but we cannot give legal advice. Your options to resolve the ticket are:

  1. Pay in full within 15 days. You may use electronic or phone payment options below.
  2. Request a hearing in writing as explained on the ticket within 15 days.
  3. Mail in an explanation in writing by completing and mailing the explanation form with payment and supporting documentation within 15 days.

If you choose to mail in a written explanation you must use the Explanation Form, which is available by clicking here.  The following are NOT valid at WA State Parks or for DNR.

  • Northwest Forest Pass            
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Pass issued with fishing/hunting licenses        
  • Snow park passes
  • America the Beautiful Senior Pass (formerly Golden Age Passport)            
  • America the Beautiful Access Pass            
  • Watchable Wildlife Decal            
  • Senior Pass
  • Federal park passes   



Payment on Discover Pass parking tickets can be made as follows:

1. By mail. (If you use the explanation form, you must use regular mail).

2. Electronically:

3. By phone: 509-219-0165


Please do not call the court as staffing needs cannot always be met, and the forms are designed to deal with these issues. Officers take pictures of the vehicles, including the windshield and any visible pass, and the court will have those pictures when reviewing the explanation form

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