Adult Supported Employment Services

Adult Supported Employment Services Please contact Walt Ronish of WR Business Directions, LLC for information regarding Supported Employment services.

Adult Employment Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: Assistive Technology

Assistive technology and work accommodations are an important part of the Skamania County Adult Employment Program for persons with developmental disabilities. Every person has the right to realize their full potential and work in a paid position.

A cliShredderent in our program has a long standing interest in shredding paper. He has limited mobility, is non-verbal and is in a wheelchair but loves the sound of the shredder and works hard to put paper in a shredder. His challenge was positioning the paper in the very narrow slot on the shredder.

The Stevenson High School Wood Shop had indicated in the past that they were willing to assist individuals by building devices for persons in the program, especially those who graduated from the High School as our client did a few years ago. Bill LaCombe, Wood Shop Instructor, and his class met with Walt Ronish, contract Program Manager at Tangible Systems, Inc. for Skamania County Community Health to discuss the possibilities of building a feeder for his shredder. The feeder became a project for the class and about 6 versions were built. The above picture is the final result of the shredder feeder and successfully helps our client feed paper into the shredder. Our client is ecstatic to be shredding again. A BIG thanks to Bill and his students for making it possible for our client to work again.

Early Support for Infants & Toddlers (ESIT)

Birth to Age 3 Services Please contact Kim Puckett for infomation regarding children ages 0-3 who may benefit from services due to experiencing developmental delays or disabilities. We also offer developmental screenings at no charge to parents/caregivers for children up to age three.   

Kim Puckett

What is early intervention? Early intervention in Washington State is a collection of services families may need for their infants or toddlers with disabilities. Early intervention during the first years of a child’s life can make a big difference in the future of that child. Early intervention may:

  • Help you find services you need for your child.
  • Help you understand your child’s developmental growth.
  • Help you support your child’s learning and development and successful participation in home and community activities.

Educational Service District 112 offers early intervention services to families with children, birth to age three, in Skamania County. Therapists and early childhood specialists team with families to provide young children with experiences and services designed to maximize each child’s development and to meet his/her potential.  Intervention takes place where the child lives, learns and plays and embraces the entire family. An evaluation process, involving the family, an education specialist and speech and motor therapists, determines the child’s eligibility for services and makes recommendations.  Family expectations and ideas are key to program development and implementation. Early Support for Infants & Toddlers (ESIT) is funded by each family’s school district, Skamania County and Washington State ESIT funds.  


Skamania County is accepting proposals to provide contracted services for the following programs-

  • Developmental Disabilities Supported Employment
  • Developmental Disabilities Birth to Age 3
  • Developmental Disabilities Community Inclusion

For more information, please call the Skamania County Community Health Director at (509) 427-3850.  Skamania County is an equal employment opportunity employer

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