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The SWWA Regional Health Alliance (RHA) was awarded a $50,000 planning grant from the Health Care Authority to focus on preparing to be a Accountable Collaborative of Health (ACH). The RHA will begin planning to create strategies to address the Triple AIM (Better Health, Better Care for Individuals and Reducing Costs) for people receiving Medicaid in our community. To assist in this planning, the RHA will be creating a Community Advisory Council (CAC) that will work with the RHA Board to assist in this planning. Please complete the attached application or forward this email to your networks for interested people to apply by July 18th.

The time commitment is approximately 1 meeting (2-3 hrs) per month.

Feel free to call me if you have questions, 509-427-3850.

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Skamania County

Adult Employment Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities


Assistive Technology

Wooden Shredder Feeder

Assistive technology and work accommodations are an important part of the Skamania County Adult Employment Program for persons with developmental disabilities.

Every person has the right to realize their full potential and work in a paid position.

A client in our program has a long standing interest in shredding paper.  He has limited mobility, is non-verbal and is in a wheelchair but loves the sound of the shredder and works hard to put paper in a shredder. His challenge was positioning the paper in the very narrow slot on the shredder.

The Stevenson High School Wood Shop had indicated in the past that they were willing to assist individuals by building devices for persons in the program, especially those who graduated from the High School as our client did a few years ago.

Bill LaCombe, Wood Shop Instructor, and his class met with Walt Ronish, contract Program Manager at Tangible Systems, Inc. for Skamania County Community Health to discuss the possibilities of building a feeder for his shredder.

The feeder became a project for the class and about 6 versions were built.  The above picture is the final result of the shredder feeder and successfully helps our client feed paper into the shredder.

Our client is ecstatic to be shredding again.  A BIG thanks to Bill and his students for making it possible for our client to work again.

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