The Planning functions within the department include a variety of county land use and environmental regulations including zoning, SEPA, critical areas,( i.e., wetlands, floodplains, riparian areas, wildlife habitat areas, geologically hazardous areas and aquifer recharge areas), shorelines, subdivisions, short plats and boundary line adjustments, grading, clearing, filling, forestry conversions, and National Scenic Area regulations.    Staff reviews development proposals for consistency with land use codes, conducts on-site inspections, updates County land use codes, prepares land use applications for public hearings before the County Hearing Examiner(s) and conducts code enforcement investigations.     Long Range Planning projects include updates to County codes for consistency with state and federal environmental regulations, and developing guidelines and regulations consistent with the community needs.  

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You can contact the Planning Staff if you:

  • Want to subdivide your property
  • Want to conduct a business on your property
  • Are interested in environmental issues or want to check recent SEPA Threshold Determinations
  • Want to check on current Public Hearing Notices
  • Want to download a land use application
  • Want to explore long range plans for Skamania County
  • Have questions related to planning issues
  • Frequently Asked Questions?

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