Report a public health concern

To report a public health concern or request an investigation related to:

  • Restaurant and foodborne illness
  • Septic system failure and surfacing sewage
  • Garbage
  • Public pools and spas
  • Water wells
  • Hazardous waste

Complete the Code Violation Complaint form. This can be mailed to 170 NW Vanvouver Ave, Stevenson, WA 98648 or emailed to

Other concerns

Air quality Contact Southwest Washington Clean Air Agency at (360) 574-3058 or (800) 633-0709, or complete an online complaint form.  Visit their Web site for information on lead, asbestos and outdoor burning. Hazardous waste - spills creating an imminent danger to public health or the environment, contact Washington State Department of Ecology Spill Response Team at (360) 407-6300. Mold Review Washington State Department of Health's Web site: Got mold? Frequently asked questions about mold.  If the dwelling is a rental unit, the Washington State Landlord/Tenant Law may be of assistance. Mosquito abatement  
Skamania County is updating its Critical Areas Ordinance.
Office Location:
Courthouse Annex
170 NW Vancouver Ave.
PO Box 1009 
Stevenson, WA 98648


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm Closed Fridays & Holidays

Phone Number: (509) 427-3900




UCD Handbook

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