PUBLIC NOTICE: Small debris burn ban UPDATE 6/17/2019


In Skamania County, the fire threat is never really gone.  Strong and dry east winds can create the perfect fire conditions whether it be in the dead of winter or the driest times of summer or fall.  The Columbia River Gorge Region is an area where fire has the potential to become the prominent role in the distruction of our natural environment.   The Gorge is a “natural wind machine” and can carry a wildfire quickly consuming thousands of acres in a very short time.   Within this natural fire environment, there are individuals homes, subdivisions, and entire communities.  The severity of the devistation from the wind and fire is dependent on the contrasting barametric pressures to the east and west, and our knowledge on how to prevent wildfires.  Our ability to live safely in this environment greatly depends upon our use to of “pre-fire activities.”   Pre-fire activities are actions taken before a wildfire occurs which improves the survivability of people and homes and can be completed any time of the year. Pre-fire activities implemented by homeowners would include proper vegetation management around the home (known as defensible space) which includes a green and well maintained landscape, reduction of wild land vegetation around the perimeter of the property and a good access road with a turnaround area for fire fighting equipment.   Firefighters recoginize three components of the fire environment:  Weather, topography and fuel.  These components affect the speed and direction at which a wildfire will travel, the intensity at which a wildfire burns and the ability of firefighters to control and extinguish a wildfire.  Good pre-fire prevention will help keep you and your home safer.  When you do burn, the best way to keep fires safe and legal is to follow all outdoor burning regulations.  You can find various links in our Quick Links section to the right relating to Skamania County’s burning requirements and some helpful hints from external websites that will provide you with good information on prevention.



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