Building staff provide permitting and inspections for all regulated building construction, remodels, roofing, plumbing and mobile home placements for all unincorporated areas in Skamania County.  The County's Building Inspector also serves as the County Fire Marshal.

When requesting inspections, please call at least 24 hours before the inspection is needed. Inspection days are Monday - Thursday, excluding Holidays

Please call (509) 427-3922 to request inspections.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do I need a building permit?

The State of Washington under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.27 and Skamania County have adopted the International Building, and Residential Codes, International Mechanical Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Fire Code as minimum construction standards for the state and Skamania County. While outlining minimum standards, these codes require permits to be issued, and inspections to be performed in order to verify compliance to the minimum construction standards.

  • What kind of work requires a building permit?

Most new construction, remodeling, and repair work that affect a building or structure will require a permit. How long does it take to get a building permit? Building permits are currently running about 4 weeks after submittal.  Permits for simple structures can take 2-4 weeks, while permits for basic repairs (re-roofing, water heater replacement, new siding, etc.) can generally be issued at the counter when making the application.  Some items that may cause lengthier review times include coordination with other requirements (National Scenic Area, SEPA, Critical Area Review, On-Site Septic, etc.), or the need for more information and plan revisions to ensure minimum code compliance. The purpose of the plan review is to identify any significant issues with the project or property prior to the start of construction.

  • How much does a permit cost?

Fee schedules for various permit processes are set by the Board of County Commissioners.  Some projects will entail review through various permit processes before approval and/or permits may be granted.  We suggest that you contact the Community Development Department with specific details for your project.  In this way, staff can help determine what permit processes might apply to your project, and what the associated permit costs might be.

  • What happens once I get my permit?

Once you have obtained a permit, you can then proceed with the construction of your project. At various points during the construction you will need to request inspections to verify construction elements for your project. These inspections are a good time to ask the inspector any questions you may have about your project.

  • Do permits ever expire?

Yes, construction permits are valid for 180 days (six months) from the date of issuance. This time frame is extended with each inspection you have on your project. If you will not be ready for your next scheduled inspection within the 180 day period, you can request an extension. Extensions must be submitted in writing prior to your permit expiring and must include a valid reason for the delay of your project. Only one extension may be granted for each permit. If your permit expires, it will need to be re-activated before construction can resume on your project.

  • Who performs the electrical inspection?

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Skamania County is updating its Critical Areas Ordinance.
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