Applicant: Robert and Catherine Lehmann
File No: NSA-19-20
Location: 12892 Cook-Underwood Road
Parcel Nos: 03-10-22-0-0-0500-00
Zoning: GMA - Small Woodland (F-3) 
Description:  Home improvements/ exterior changes to single family residence including new flush-to-ground concrete patio, remove two second-story decks, remove and replace chimney in new location, new entry doors and locations on W and E sides of home, new porch awnings on N, E and W sides of home.
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Applicant: Hillary Kreps
File No: NSA-19-09
Location: 13251 Cook-Underwood Road
Parcel Nos: 03-10-15-0-0-1800-00
Zoning: GMA - Small Scale Agriculture (Ag-2) 
Description:   Construct 900 sq. ft. home addition; after-the-fact review of minor house improvements and a replacement septic system.
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Applicant: Douglas and Patricia Brown/Tamara Mumford
File No: NSA-19-23
Location: 81 Nesmith Road, Skamania 
Parcel Nos: 02-06-34-1-0-1604-00 & 02-06-34-1-0-1605-00 
Zoning: GMA - Rural Center (RC) GMA - Residential 5 (R-5)  
Description:   Boundary line adjustment; Construct single-family residence with attached garage, shed, septic system, shared well and associated site improvements.
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File No: SEP-19-19
Description: The proposal (McKay Short Plat) is for a four-lot short plat of approximately 20.55 acres.  Lots 1 through 3 will consist of 2-acres each. Lot 4 will consist of 14.55-acres.  Lots 1 through 3 will be served by private wells and individual septic systems.  Lot 4 will not be developed at this time but will be reserved for a future development phase. Lots 1 through 3 will be accessed off of Leete Road, a public county road.  
Location: A tract of land located in the east half of Section 15, T4N, R7E of the W.M. in the Stabler Community of Carson, WA 
Parcel No: 04-07-15-0-0-0101-00; a portion of parcel #04-07-15-0-0-0100-00 created by a 20-acre exempt land division under AFN #2019001628
Proponent: Jacob and Tiffany McKay, 19310 Riverwood Lane, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
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File No: SEP-19-18
Description: The proposal (Irwin Short Plat) is for a two-lot short plat of approximately 1.005 acres. Lot 1 consists of a 0.718-acre parcel which has an existing single-family dwelling and a shop. Lot 2 consists of a 0.287-acre (12,501 square feet) parcel which has an existing cardlock refueling facility complete with diesel and gas dispensers, piping and underground storage tanks (USTs). Lot 1 is already connected to an on-site septic system and public water provided by the Skamania County PUD.  Lot 2 has no septic or water and is not intended for residential use. Access to each of the lots will be off of Carson Frontage Road, a public road accessed off of Wind River Highway.  
Location: 211 Carson Frontage Road, Carson, Washington 
Parcel No: 03-08-17-4-0-1000-00
Proponent: Applicant: Wilcox and Flegel; PO BOX 69, Longview, WA 98632; Owner: James I. and Shirley L. Irwin, 211 Carson Frontage Road, Carson, WA 98610.
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File No: SEP-19-17
Description: The applicant is proposing to develop the property to include a large driveway, utility infrastructure a well and requirements for a single-family residence. This proposal requires the displacement of approximately 3600 cubic yards of soil and therefore requires a clear and grade permit.  
Location: 41 Hoosier Way, approx. MP 13 Washougal River Road, Washougal, WA 
Parcel No: 02-05-27-0-0-1301-00 
Proponent: Oh Boy LLC, Doug Probstfeld, PO Box 597, North Bonneville, WA 98639
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File No: SEP-19-16
Description: The applicants are proposing a three-lot short plat of approximately 34.16 acres.  Lot 1 will consist of 13.15 acres, Lot 2 will consist of 10.00 acres and Lot 3 will consist of 11.02 acres.  Lots 1 and 2 will utilize an existing well on the subject property and a shared onsite septic system.  Lot 1 contains an existing single-family residence and a building permit has been approved for a 4,550 square foot barn. Lot 3 will use an individual well and individual onsite septic system.  Each of the lots within the proposed short plat will be accessed from a private shared driveway from Labarre Road, a public road. 
Location: 972 Labarre Road, Washougal, Washington
Parcel No: 02-05-33-0-0-0500-00 
Proponent: Cameron Ross and Tracee Lee Linder, Trustee’s, 1865 Herndon Avenue, Clovis CA 93611.
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File No: SEP-19-15
Description: The applicant is proposing to construct a new building approximately 7,500 square feet with an expansion of the structure to 12,500 square feet in the next couple of years.  The current business is for commercial agriculture and is operating in a 3,200 square foot building with approximately 15-20 employees. 
Location: 181 Katie’s Lane, Washougal, WA, a private road, off of Newquist Road, a public road.
Parcel No: 02-05-19-0-0-1102-00
Proponent: Jarom and William Bacon, 181 Katie’s Lane, Washougal, Washington.
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File No: SEP-19-14
Description: The proposal is for a two-lot short plat of approximately 7.07 acres within the Residential 1 zone of Skamania County.  Lot 1 would contain approximately 5.07 acres and Lot 2 would contain 2.00 acres.  Each of the lots within this short plat would be served by onsite septic systems.  Lot 1 would be served by a private well.  The applicant is proposing to use an existing spring on Lot 2 to serve that lot.  Lot 1 would be accessed from Kanaka Creek Road and Lot 2 would be accessed from Brunning Road which are both public roads.
Location: 1341 Kanaka Creek Road, Stevenson, Washington. 
Parcel No: 03-07-25-4-0-0500-00
Proponent: Bryan Scott Mathany, PO Box 585, Carson, Washington 98610 
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File No: SEP-19-13
Description: The proposal (Baldwin Short Plat) is for a three lot Short Plat of approximately 34.36 acres.  Lot 1 will be 10 acres, Lot 2 will be 13.32 acres and Lot 3 will consist of 11.04 acres.  Lot 2 contains an existing single-family dwelling and detached garage.  Each of the proposed lots will use onsite septic systems and private individual wells.  Each of the lots are proposed to access off of Skye Road through two existing road approaches.  Lots 2 and 3 will be accessed by a shared driveway.
Location: SW ¼ of the SW ¼ of T2N, R5E of the Willamette Meridian.  3592 Skye Road, Washougal, Washington. 
Parcel No: 02-05-18-0-0-0803-00
Proponent: Helen and Larry Baldwin, 3592 Skye Road, Washougal, WA.
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File No: SP-19-03
Description: The proposal (Skye Prairie Estates II) is for a 4-lot short plat(s) of approximately 20 acres off Skye Road in Washougal, WA. Each lot will consist of 5-acre parcels.  Each proposed lot will utilize an on-site septic system and will use individual wells. Access to each of the lots will be off of proposed private road Skye Meadow Drive with access from Skye Road, a public road.
Location: The parcel is located in the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ and the SE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 30, T2N, R5E of the WM in Skamania County.
Zoning: West End Rural Lands 5 (WE-RL5)
Parcel No.: 02-05-30-0-0-0105-00
Proponent: Chris and Andrea NcNealy
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 File No: SP-18-10
Description: The applicant proposes a 3-lot short plat of their approximately 20.49- acre property located at 1241 Mabee Mines Road, Washougal, WA 98671. Lot 1 consists of a 7.51-acre parcel which contains an existing residence, and garage. Lot 2 consists of a 6.99 acre parcel. A single family residence is proposed for Lot 2. Lot 3 consists of a 5.99- acre parcel which contains a shop. A guest house is proposed for Lot 3. Each of the lots will be served by existing wells and septic. Access to the parcels is off of Mabee Mines Road, a public road right of way.
Location: A portion of the North half of the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 34, Township 2N, Range 5E of the Willamette Meridian. 1241 Mabee Mines Road, Washougal, WA 98671.
Zoning: West End Rural Lands 5 (WE-RL5)
Parcel No.: 02-05-34-0-0-0401-00
Proponent: James Klett, 4060 South Grant Street, Suite 100, Washougal, WA 98671
Notice - Application on hold
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File No: SP-18-07
Description: The proposal (Mathaney Short Plat) is for a 4 Lot Short Plat of 2 acres in the Carson Subarea. Each of four lots consists of one half acre. Each proposed lot will utilize an on-site septic system and water will be provided from the Carson public water system. Access to each of the lots will be from 5th Street north of the intersection at Frederickson Avenue. 5th street is a public road.
Location: A portion of the NW 1/4 of the NW ¼ of Section 28, T3N, R8E of the W.M., 12 5th Street, Carson, WA
Zoning: High Density Residential (HDR) in the Carson Community Subarea
Parcel No.: 03-08-28-2-2-1100-00
Proponent: Bryan Scott Mathany, PO Box 585, Carson, WA 98610
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File No: SHR-19-04 (Shoreline Substantial Development Permit/Variance)
Description: The applicant is proposing to remove and replace two existing bridges on the W2000 Road at Stebbins Creek and Naked Falls.
Location: Stebbins Creek: NW ¼ Section 6, T2N, R6E of the W.M., Naked Falls: SE ¼ Section 1, T2N, R5E of the W.M.
Parcel No: 02-06-00-0-0-0800-00 and 02-05-000-00-0100-00
Proponent: Washington Department of Natural Resources, Brett Freeman
Hearing Date:  November 18, 2019 5:30 PM
Hearing Location: Courthouse Annex Basement Meeting Room, 170 NW Vancouver Avenue, Stevenson, WA 
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