In 2010, the Board of County Commissioners reorganized the Skamania County Community Development Department (SCCDD). The Department currently includes:

SCCDD serves as the county's lead agency in land use and environmental policy development and as a "one-stop shopping" permit center for land use project reviews in Skamania County.   Building permit services include reviewing construction plans and performing building inspections to ensure compliance with the International Building Code and other applicable construction codes. The County Engineer is the Building Official. Environmental Health services include inspections for drinking water wells, small water systems, on-site septic systems, public swimming pools/spas, solid waste facilities, and food establishments. Other services include investigation of complaints related to solid waste enforcement issues, food borne illness, West Nile Virus - dead bird collection, rabies testing and other communicable disease outbreaks.   Current planning services include review and processing of land use permit applications, state environmental policy act (SEPA) decisions, National Scenic Area applications, critical area and shoreline applications, and clear & grade applications.   The permit center (including the on-line permit center) combines all the different project permit reviews into one location for easy access by the public.   Long-range projects include the legislative process to modify, enact or delete current county codes, plans, and policies related to planning, building/fire or environmental health and the updating of forms and other administrative department processes.

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Skamania County is updating its Critical Areas Ordinance. Click here for more information.

Wind River Nursery Development Plan

Skamania Forward 2000

Online Permit Center : Check permit status using our new Public Portal.

For general questions or help navigating the online permit center, contact SCCDD staff at or call (509) 427-3900. 

 Due to the 2012 County budget reductions, effective January 31, 2012, the Skamania County Community Development Department (SCCDD) will no longer provide bottles for water samples or accept water samples to be shipped for laboratory testing. A person or water system operator testing their own water will need to work directly with a certified laboratory. Links to the State Department of Health and State Department of Ecology will be provided on SCCDD’s webpage which will list Washington State certified water testing laboratories. SCCDD staff will continue to directly sample for submitted applications. Link to Certified State Drinking Water Labs:

Note: If you call 509-427-3907 you will be unable to reach Community Development Department staff or leave a message.  Please call 509-427-3900 for assistance.

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Skamania County is updating its Critical Areas Ordinance.
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