How to write a response essay

            In one or more classes students read a book, an article or watch a movie or a film. Afterwards, it is highly likely that one will be expected to react to the material in an essay known as a response essay. For a student to complete a response essay, one has to follow various steps.

            First, one begins by reading the piece of material or watching the video or movie. For a student to maximally understand the piece of content one is reading or watching, he or she should underscore the text and write down short notes of the significant information in the text such as quotes, and examples that can be useful when writing the essay. Second, a writer should expound their understanding of the text by formulating questions. A writer can do so by answering questions such as what is the primary focus of the author’s work, what position does the author take? What evidence is present and what assumptions, weak or strong arguments do the author make? With such information, a writer develops the basic understanding of the work.

            Third, is the prewriting stage. In a five-paragraph format, a writer should begin writing the response paper by introducing the topic of the essay which is the book or the article. Next, the writer should determine their reaction towards the work they analyzed by establishing their feelings towards it, answering questions such as the impact of the work to the society, what opinions do people have towards the work among others and identify the most reliable response, which becomes the primary focus of the essay. A writer should ensure they provide direct evidence from the text, which can be quotes or one, can paraphrase the text. A writer should also note that personal opinions are pivotal in such an essay. Therefore, one should not be afraid to write them down so long as they can support them with evidence. Moreover, the writer should become comfortable utilizing the first person in writing a response paper.

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