How to write a how-to essay

A how-to-essay refers to an essay which provides a clear explanation of how to perform something. The essay could explain something that is as intricate as “How to Construct a Hydroelectric Power Facility” to something very simple, for instance “How to Prepare Oats.” When writing a how-to-essay, the following form should be kept in mind:


This section of the how-to essay tells the audience what the writer is intending to teach them how to do. The essay may start like this: This essay shows you how to make the perfect oat meal in less than 17 minutes.

List of Materials

The next step is a complete listing of the necessary materials that are needed to do something. This is essential if the how-to essay is about doing or making something physical. Everything that is needed to finish the task should be written down. For example, if one is writing a how-to essay about preparing oats, he/she should write: In order to prepare oats, here is a listing of cooking tools and ingredients that you will need…

Numbered Steps

These types of essays commonly include steps that have to be numbered. In those steps, in-depth instructions of every procedure have to be provided. The instructions should be as clear as possible to allow the reader to understand them and follow them easily.


If one is writing a how-to essay about something such as how to make the lamp of a lampshade or how to fix a motorbike, a point would come when he/she has to turn the lamp or the motorbike on. That step has to be included if it is applicable.


In this part of the how-to essay, a summary of the steps is provided. In addition, the writer should let the readers know about the type of results they should expect if all the steps are followed properly. More pre written articles available at