ASSESSOR CADASTRAL MAPS To utilize Assessor Cadastral Maps you will need to know your parcel number. For instance, if your subject parcel is 03-07-36-4-4-1000-00 you will need to scroll down to map number 3-7-36-4-4. Once you click on the map you will need to locate parcel "1000". Please keep in mind if you download this map in order to print it, you will not print to scale. If you have any questions or need help searching for the correct map, please contact us at 509-427-3720

 Township 1 North, Range 5E  

 Township 2 North, Range 5E

  Township 2 North, Range 7E

 Township 3 North, Range 7E

 Township 3 North, Range 7.5E

 Township 3 North, Range 8E

 Township 3 North, Range 9E

 Township 3 North, Range 10E

 Township 4 North, Range 7E

 Township 6and7 North, Range 5and6E