SSB 5186 raises Income limits $5,000 for each category click on the link to learn more

EHB 2242 Became effective October 19, 2017.
This act intends to fully fund K-12 basic education by providing equitable education opportunities through reform and expansion of the State school Levy.

Welcome to the Skamania County Assessor's Office

This website is designed for residents and visitors seeking information about the property tax system and real property in Skamania County.  Our intent is to maintain the assessment records in an accurate and easily accessible manner. We’ve created this website to allow you access to the majority of our records and forms without having to be burdened by a long distance drive and/or our limited office hours. The primary function of the Assessor's Office is to discover, list and value all taxable real and personal property in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with Washington State’s constitution and laws. We also maintain and update the county maps and calculate levy rates for the taxing districts within Skamania County. Our aim is to continue the good working relationships that we have established with the people of this community. Please feel free to contact our office with your questions or comments. (w)509-427-3720 (c)208-598-2121